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"No one gets me" - My mantra from years ago

I was certain people wouldn't understand me if I showed them who I really was.


So what was my plan?


To not show me at all. To hide. To hold back. Never say what I REALLY wanted to say. To avoid uncomfortable conversations and only express what I thought everyone else would like to hear. 

How'd that work out for me?

My life was full of exhaustion from feeling like other people always had more of a say than me.  I also felt the weight of loneliness from always feeling like I was misunderstood by the people I wanted to understand me the most.

Sound familiar?


Are you ready to start fully communicating with the people in your life the way you've always wanted to?

Then let's get started. 

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Want more? You got it.

If you're still with me, you're probably thinking...

"I've been trying to share bits of my thoughts with people for years, but just the thought of that makes me want to barf. Won't saying what I REALLY want or bringing up conversations I've been holding back on make things worse? 


Maybe. Maybe not. But that's the wrong question.


Effective communication isn't in charge of whether you decide to keep a relationship going, you are. The actual words you're saying (or not saying) isn't what makes things worse, it's your own thoughts about you and the other person you're speaking to. 


"I don't know what to say" ~ So people don't get to know the real you

"They'll never understand" ~ So you stay misunderstood

"I'm afraid he'll get mad" ~ So you stay mad

"I'm saying it wrong" ~ So you never get it right

Most people think that relationships are something that happen to us, but they aren't. They are made up of our thoughts. And depending on what you think about before you speak (or don't), will create the communication you have right now.

Instead of asking what would make it worse? Start thinking about what would make it better?

Here's the part where I tell you where you're headed when you work with me in my 
16 Week, One-on-One Coaching Program
You'll Learn How To:

  • Stop holding back in your conversations all so you can avoid feeling misunderstood

  • Start feeling more connected to yourself and the people in your life

  • Stop avoiding uncomfortable conversations that you know you need to have

  • Start confidently expressing who you really are instead of who everyone else wants you to be 

  • Start rocking the boat and shaking off the chains of people pleasing


Does that sound like your kind of party?

Then no more holding yourself back.

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